Education Opens Doors: A teacher and her daughter offer their own proof program works

“The evidence is clear. Our kids thrive after using this,” said DISD teacher Taylor Gnikpingo about the Education Opens Doors program and curriculum.

DALLAS — Teachers in Dallas Independent School District say the proof is in the pudding when it comes to a successful college preparatory guidebook. And for at least one teacher, that proof includes her own successful daughter.

Tamala Gnikpingo is in her 26th year as an educator at Dallas ISD. This year, she returns to the 8th-grade classroom at Stockard Middle School, teaching U.S. history.

“I love 8th grade,” she said. “It’s just a fun, magical age where the kids are so willing to explore and discuss and really start to look at their future.”

But what else she loves is the fact that her students, starting as early as the 8th grade, have a proven road map to chase that future.

It’s a book and a

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Q: I’ve read that some colleges now are minimizing the importance of grammar rules in writing as a way to alleviate systemic racism against people of color. Previously, writing instruction has handicapped students from non-standard language backgrounds. Now there is a movement toward empowering these marginalized students to make grammatical choices that challenge standard conventions and push back against prejudices that are based on a euro- and anglo-centric view of the written word. Hopefully this trend will continue and eventually creep down into K-12 instruction. What are your thoughts?

if kolleges r now doin away w/grammer and propper riting, 1 mite resonubly wunder what will b the nxt imprtnt thng 2 go.

Did you enjoy reading that sentence? You probably understood what I meant, only it took you twice as long, and instead of focusing on its ideas, you had to focus on its mistakes, correcting them in your mind,

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