Online learning challenges: Inaccessibility to tech and academic dishonesty

A new survey from Manifest shows that learning tools and apps could help alleviate remote learning concerns for US high school and college students.


diego_cervo, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Without a national, or even regional mandate regarding remote, in-person, or hybrid e-learning for US high school and university students, the fall semester has left many students and parents confused. Some schools returned to fully in-person classes (which hasn’t gone entirely well for some, such as New York’s Albert Magnus High School, which began in-person orientation two-days before the school’s Sept. 10 opening, only to unceremoniously go remote that day when COVID-19 came to campus). 

Last spring the coronavirus pandemic pushed schools to quickly shut their doors and shift to online. Globally, 95% of schools were closed. But despite current news reports of the opening and closing of schools, a new survey from Manifest revealed that 62% of US students are studying online

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