The Tech Dilemma: unfilled jobs, few workers, lack of confidence in STEM education

As companies grow and become more valuable, they’re able to hire and invest in new products and technologies. But they need skilled workers to grow.

This is the Tech Dilemma: Too many jobs, not enough workers. Not exactly what you’d expect with the country walking a pandemic tightrope with over 8.4% unemployment (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

For instance, many of the FAANGs, or five of the most prominent American tech companies – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Alphabet (formerly known as Google) – are collectively adding employees to handle the influx of demand attributed to eCommerce.

Amazon recently announced that they are ramping up investments in corporate and tech jobs, looking to hire 33,000 new employees with annual compensation packages at $150,000, according to CNN Business. And Netflix founder and co-chief executive officer Reed Hastings said the company has been and will keep hiring through the uncertainty of

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Amid Covid-19, Parents of Special-Needs Kids Face a Dilemma

Bella, 11, sits in her chair, her left hand tapping a yellow joystick switch. She is animated, her blue eyes sparkling, her wavy hair bouncing as she moves her head. Yesterday, she went back to school for the first time, after five months of lockdown. She has a lot to say — talking about music, her brother’s baseball practice, her red chair at school. After her speech therapy over Zoom, Bella tells her mom, “I feel is happy.”

Bella has a condition known as GM3 Sythase Deficiency, a disorder that causes her body to be unable to make the enzyme GM3, which is important for neurological development. As a result, Bella has epilepsy, hypotonia (or low muscle tone), cortical visual impairment (visual impairment caused by the brain), and feeding intolerance, which makes her dependent on IV nutrition. She uses a speech-generating device to communicate, her word selection driven by the

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