Tennessee education department announces $2M for educator training programs

Aspiring teachers attending seven universities across the state will be able to apply for limited full scholarships, thanks to a $2 million allocation by the Tennessee Department of Education through it’s Grow Your Own teacher education program.

Funded by Grow Your Own grants, university educator training programs partner with school districts to provide tuition-free education for aspiring teachers. Participants work as education assistants at placements in partner school districts, learning under qualified teacher mentors. The program was initiated with an eye to increasing access and removing barriers to the teaching profession.

“The Grow Your Own initiative will expand across the state and support hundreds of individuals to become teachers for free – while employed in our Tennessee school districts,” Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn said. “Right now, it could not be more important to remove barriers to the teaching profession, and I am proud of the way our state is

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How the US Department of Education can protect students and promote equity in higher education

Higher education was at a crossroads even before the COVID-19 crisis. In recent years, the cost of college attendance has risen and student debt levels have exploded. Discussions about debt forgiveness and reconfiguring higher education finance have moved out of wonky policy circles and into public discourse. Meanwhile, the costs of college have risen dramatically in recent years, perhaps exacerbated by decreases in state funding, and leading many institutions of higher education (“IHEs”) to provide online and lower-cost solutions to supplement or replace the “traditional” four-year, residential college—a trend that will be accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis. Simultaneously, college demographics have shifted, with an increasing population of “nontraditional” students, including those who are older, lack financial support from parents or other family members, and are more likely to have dependents. Disparities in higher education have had disproportionate, negative, and long-lasting effects on Black and Latino communities. And COVID-19 continues has

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Health department moots state wide health education programme on Covid-19

UDUPI/BENGALURU: With Karnataka reporting Covid19 positive cases upwards of 10000 per day in recent past, the department of health and family welfare will embark on a state-wide health education programme. The campaign aimed at reaching the grassroots level will also use a bouquet of technology at the disposal of the government – social media included, noted Jawaid Akhtar, additional chief secretary to the department on Friday.

Interacting with deputy commissioners, chief executive officers of zilla panchayats and P S Harsha, commissioner, department of information and public relations via video-conference, Akthar said the above programme will be run extensively during October and November. The sharp spiral of Covid19 cases can be checked only with active participation of people, the most important stakeholders and educating them on its need is a must, he said.

Simple practice of wearing a mask in the correct manner, maintaining social distancing, not touching objects needlessly, washing

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Oregon Department of Corrections considers cutting ties with community colleges

The Oregon Department of Corrections is considering cutting ties with community colleges across the state and proposing to move its education program in-house to address a budget shortfall.

The DOC currently contracts with six community colleges in Oregon to provide high school diploma equivalency testing, or GED services, to inmates across its 14 facilities.

“DOC is proposing that those contracts be phased out and the agency hire back those positions as part of the DOC permanent budget going forward,” DOC communications manager Jennifer Black told OPB.

She said nearly 1,000 inmates were enrolled in the Adult Basic Skill Development program as of Sept. 30.

Black said, historically, DOC had identified “barriers” in contracting with the colleges for its Adult Basic Skills, or ABS, program including “consistency of services and oversight.”

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, contractors were unable to enter the institutions and ABS programming could not be adapted and continued

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U.S. Department of Education fines Baylor $462K for violations of Jeanne Clery Act

The U.S. Department of Education has fined Baylor University about $462,000 for violations of campus crime and safety rules after the school announced in 2017 that it was being investigated in light of public reports of sexual assaults on campus being higher than the numbers Baylor had officially reported.

The violations of the Jeanne Clery Act occurred between 2011 and 2016 and included “lack of administrative capability, failure to report accurate crime statistics in the annual security report, failure to comply with

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UK Government’s Department For Education Broke GDPR Data Protection Laws

The UK’s Department for Eduction (DfE) breaches GDPR in the way it handles pupil data, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has found.

The ICO first began probing the DfE last year after it became the subject of numerous complaints. Human rights groups Liberty and DefendDigitalMe raised complaints about the department for failing to allow parents to see their child’s record in the National Pupil Data, its refusal to correct inaccurate date, and for “secretly” sharing information belonging to minors with the UK Home Office.

At the time, the ICO said: “DFE is failing to comply fully with its data protection obligations, primarily in the areas of transparency and accountability, where there are far-reaching issues, impacting a huge number of individuals in

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Department for Education’s handling of pupil data ruled illegal

Video: How does data blunder affect battle against Covid-19? (PA Media)

How does data blunder affect battle against Covid-19?



The Department for Education broke the law in its mishandling of the national database containing details of every school pupil in England, the Information Commissioner’s Office has concluded in a highly critical report.

The report marks the second time in less than a year that the DfE has been publicly rebuked by the privacy watchdog for failing to adhere to data protection laws.

After an investigation triggered by complaints from groups including Liberty, the ICO found that the DfE had failed to comply with sections of the general data protection regulation (GDPR). It said there was “no clear picture of what data is held by the DfE” and that its handling of millions of pupil records “could result in multiple data breaches”.

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Arkansas Department of Education DCTE Goes All-Virtual in Annual “Explore Success” Event

The Nepris online platform will give students across Southwest Arkansas an opportunity to see what their futures may hold

The Arkansas Department of Education, Division of Career and Technical Education, today announced the Explore Success Southwest Arkansas Development Alliance (SADA) Career Day will be available to schools and students across southwest Arkansas through a virtual platform hosted by Nepris.

“Our vision for Explore Success is to help expose all students to careers within their communities,” said Mary Godwin, Secretary and Treasurer with SADA. “It is so important to help schools and industry explore mutually beneficial partnerships that impact Arkansas’s future economy and we’re excited to present the 3rd year of this state and national award-winning event in a virtual conference format.”

The event provides 8th graders with a learning experience in coordination with SADA, the South Central Education Cooperative, DeQueen-Mena Education Cooperative, Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative, Southwest Arkansas Planning and

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Cedar Rapids student selected for Iowa Department of Education’s state equity committee

CEDAR RAPIDS — Kennedy High School student Rahma Elsheikh — a student leader in getting the Cedar Rapids school board to pursue anti-racism efforts — was one of seven Iowa students to be selected for the Iowa Department of Education’s state equity committee.

The committee’s mission is to ensure equity in education. Its goals include preparing educators to teach in inclusive and diverse classrooms; ensuring continuing education for educators and leaders to achieve equitable outcomes; attract, recruit, retain and promote educators who represent the student population they serve; and develop partnerships with underserved students and families to drive policies, practices and resources that are equitable to close the educational gap.

“I have experienced firsthand the racism, negligence, and lack of representation and only having one Black teacher,” said Elsheikh, 17.

Elsheikh’s experience as a high school student in Cedar Rapids started at the beginning of President Donald Trump’s term in

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Department of Education Amended Complaint by 19 States and D.C.

A number of states have filed an amended complaint against the Department of Education and Elisabeth DeVos over the handling of the Borrower Defense to Repayment Program gutted by the Trump administration.

The allegations made by a number of states is that the Trump Department of Education has changed the rules about student loan forgiveness when students have been the victims of deceptive acts and fraud.

You have to ask yourself why the Department of Education would seemingly roll back protections for students and give a “free pass” to for-profit schools that provide the least benefit for student-loan debtors.

The recent ruling changes by the Department of Education have altered the full forgiveness policy and leave student loan debtors on the hook for an arbitrary about of debt from institutions the Department of Education was supposed to be overseeing. The schools that are the primary targets of the unhappiness and

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