SBIKSU holds webinar on ‘National Education Policy and decolonization of Indian mind’

A webinar on National Education Policy and De-colonization of Indian Mind was organized by Sanchi Buddhist-Indian Knowledge Studies University.

 In this seminar, Senior Professor of Philosophy Department Harisingh Gaur Sagar and Ambika Dutt Sharma expressed thier views on new education policy and said that it play an important role in keeping Indians at the roots of Indianness. They said that it is de-colonization because separation from its roots is colonization.

Professor Sharma said that this new education policy encourages learning, doing and being and this will make it possible to create independent and self-reliant citizens. He said that it paved the way for the creation of a perfect personality by adding subjects of humanities and science in the back.

Ambika Dutt Sharma said that it solves the language problem through the three-language formula. In this, mother tongue, regional language and national language have a systematic role in education and society.

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