Why Any More Presidential Debates Should Be Entirely About COVID-19

The Presidential and VP debates so far have covered a lot of important topics. Realistically, however, a responsible President will need to spend most of the next 1-2 years fighting COVID-19 and revitalizing our economy. Only then will he be able to properly address the generational issues of inequality, racism and climate change. Experts believe a viable vaccine will be available in Q1/Q2 of 2021, and then, if we vaccinate 1 million people daily, it will still take us another year to vaccinate the entire population of the United States.

One of the most fascinating aspects of innovation is the clarity that it provides society. Whether its scientific or social, innovations provide us with an obviously better way to do something. This is a time crying out for massive amounts of innovation to treat COVID-19, prepare for future coronaviruses, re-start public education and to develop new business models for restaurants,

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