Data analysts: Learn how to use Python, R, deep learning, more in these online courses

With this eight-course training bundle, you’ll also get hands-in instructions on AI, Google Data Studio, PyTorch, and artificial neural networks.


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You don’t need to work in the marketing department of Facebook or Google to understand the importance of large-scale data analytics when it comes to driving the modern economy. As the primary force behind everything from targeted advertising campaigns to self-driving cars, data analysis stands at the heart of today’s most important and exciting technologies and innovations.

The Deep Learning & Data Analysis Certification Bundle will help you take your analytical skills to the next level so you can land the best and most lucrative positions in your field, and it’s available today for over 95% off at just $39.99.

With eight courses and 30 hours of instruction led by the renowned data scientist Minerva Singh, this bundle will get you up to speed with the

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Lamont says more students logging on for virtual learning. But there’s no data to support it.

One month into the school year, Gov. Ned Lamont says online education during the pandemic is a success, noting that students are showing up for their virtual classes.

a group of people sitting in front of a mirror posing for the camera: Gov. Lamont during a visit to New Britain High School. Students listen to him both in-person (foreground) and online (on the screen overhead)

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Gov. Lamont during a visit to New Britain High School. Students listen to him both in-person (foreground) and online (on the screen overhead)

“In April, May, a lot of kids never even logged onto their computer. Now we have 97 percent participating,” he told reporters Tuesday in New Britain, where roughly three-quarters of the students are enrolled to learn entirely from home. That differs, he said, from the spring, when “30 percent of people never activated or logged on their computer.”

But the data doesn’t actually show things have improved.

Last spring, the state collected numbers on different levels of absenteeism. Some students logged onto school sporadically, maybe only once or twice a week, but would

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UK Government’s Department For Education Broke GDPR Data Protection Laws

The UK’s Department for Eduction (DfE) breaches GDPR in the way it handles pupil data, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has found.

The ICO first began probing the DfE last year after it became the subject of numerous complaints. Human rights groups Liberty and DefendDigitalMe raised complaints about the department for failing to allow parents to see their child’s record in the National Pupil Data, its refusal to correct inaccurate date, and for “secretly” sharing information belonging to minors with the UK Home Office.

At the time, the ICO said: “DFE is failing to comply fully with its data protection obligations, primarily in the areas of transparency and accountability, where there are far-reaching issues, impacting a huge number of individuals in

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Department for Education’s handling of pupil data ruled illegal

Video: How does data blunder affect battle against Covid-19? (PA Media)

How does data blunder affect battle against Covid-19?



The Department for Education broke the law in its mishandling of the national database containing details of every school pupil in England, the Information Commissioner’s Office has concluded in a highly critical report.

The report marks the second time in less than a year that the DfE has been publicly rebuked by the privacy watchdog for failing to adhere to data protection laws.

After an investigation triggered by complaints from groups including Liberty, the ICO found that the DfE had failed to comply with sections of the general data protection regulation (GDPR). It said there was “no clear picture of what data is held by the DfE” and that its handling of millions of pupil records “could result in multiple data breaches”.

Related: Department of Education

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Let’s bring higher ed out of the data Dark Ages

For anyone who recently has bought a car, it is striking how data-driven and consumer-friendly the process is. Gone are the days where consumers operated in the dark and car salesmen held all the power because of information asymmetry. 

Now consumers can look up a car’s entire history — from its first inspection at the manufacturer, to whether it’s been in an accident, to even the last time its previous owner rotated its tires — guaranteeing a clear picture of a car’s condition and whether it’s worth buying. Consumers can even look up every recent sale of the exact make and model of car they’re interested in buying to ensure they’re getting a fair price. And they can do so all from the comfort of their own homes, an extra perk in the age of COVID-19. 

Yet for Americans looking to make one of the other most costly decisions of

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Over 93,500 data science jobs vacant in India: Study

a person wearing a costume: Over 93,500 data science jobs vacant in India: Study

Over 93,500 data science jobs vacant in India: Study

A study on jobs and hiring trends in analytics and data science domains conducted by Great Learning, one of India’s leading EdTech companies for professional and higher education reveals that over 93,500 data science jobs were vacant in India at the end of August 2020. The study provides a comprehensive view of the data science job landscape in 2020, including the impact that Covid 19 has had on the vacancies in the sector.

Demand despite Covid-19 fury

Despite Covid 19, the enthusiasm and optimism around the analytics function in India continues to remain high with India contributing 9.8% of the total global analytics job openings in August 2020 compared to 7.2 per cent in January this year. While the sector did witness a slight decrease in vacancies (from 109,000 vacancies in February to 82,500 vacancies in August 2020), the demand has

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University in Gujarat gets Supercomputer ‘Param’; To help in AI, big data education and research

a group of people sitting posing for the camera: At present, Marwadi University has 400 students every year taking admission in the Computer & IT Department and 60 students in Computer Applications.

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At present, Marwadi University has 400 students every year taking admission in the Computer & IT Department and 60 students in Computer Applications.

By Dr. RB Jadeja

The Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST) of the Gujarat Government has granted Marwadi University with supercomputer ‘Param’. With this, Marwadi University is amongst only a handful of universities in the state to have the facility of a supercomputer. This facility will be equipped with a Param Shavak system developed at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) for high-performance computing and deep learning with x86 based latest Intel processor, 98 GB RAM, 16 TB storage, Nvidia based co-processing accelerator technologies, and software development environment.

Supercomputers support computation of large datasets, terabytes, or petabytes of data, with billions and billions of mathematical operations over several times faster than a regular Laptop or Desktop. The distinguishing

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Overcoming 3 data management pitfalls of online learning

A recent survey of U.S. higher-ed institutions’ reopening plans found that 33 percent would be operating completely or primarily online while an additional 27 percent would be following a hybrid model of online and in-person learning. With the shift to greater online learning, colleges and universities must avoid three key data management pitfalls.

Failing to back up Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 enables people to work anywhere without organizations having to host their emails, files, and content management in their own infrastructure. With the rise of remote work, Microsoft 365 has become even more prevalent. However, Microsoft 365 doesn’t provide comprehensive and long-term backup, and 74 percent of Microsoft 365 users have no data protection strategy in place. As professors upload content to shared folders and students access their Microsoft 365 accounts, projects, and other assets both remotely and on campus, files can easily be deleted or hit with malware, often

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Cyber Security Awareness Month aims to educate people about protecting data

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, making sure everyone knows about all the threats that come with all of the benefits of using the internet. The theme for this year’s month is “Do your part. Be cyber smart,” stressing the importance of taking proactive steps to keep your information safe.

a hand holding a computer keyboard: October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

“We’re in an internet interconnected world, we’re not going back,” said Terry McGraw, a retired Army colonel, a cybersecurity expert, and president of PC Matic Federal, who believes the general public is not aware enough of some of the internet’s biggest threats.


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“We’re just not doing it well enough,” McGraw said of public awareness, “and as a consequence, we’re falling victim to criminals that we shouldn’t be.”

According to McGraw, the COVID-19 pandemic has opened new doors for cyber security threats.

“I think

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Education officials begin publishing data on COVID-19 cases in districts with in-person learning

Education officials begin publishing data on COVID-19 cases in districts with in-person learning

For the first time, Massachusetts education officials have published data on the number of positive COVID-19 cases in school districts that have hybrid or fully in-person learning models.According to the data provided by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 63 students involved with in-person or hybrid instruction tested positive for the virus between Sept. 24 and Sept. 30. During that same week, 34 staff members had been inside a district building within seven days of testing positive for the virus. Merrie Najimy, the president of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, called the data “troubling and frustrating.” Her organization had opposed the state’s plan for in-person learning, citing concern over COVID-19 and safety measures. “While nothing can replace in-person learning in normal times, reopening schools too soon and too quickly puts

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