DAFI Annual Report 2019 – Refugee Students in Higher Education – World

Executive Summary

Over its 28-year history, the DAFI programme has supported more than 18,000 young refugee women and men to pursue their undergraduate degrees. DAFI remains the longest running and largest standalone tertiary scholarship programme for refugees and returnees, currently serving students in 54 countries. The idea underpinning the DAFI programme is simple but powerful: that talented, passionate students should be supported to thrive, pursue their dreams and become leaders in their fields of study and their communities. DAFI scholars have done just that and they continue to succeed beyond expectation. In 2019, a record number of 8,347 students were enrolled on DAFI scholarships. 1,063 of them earned their degrees in 2019, enriching and adding value to the academic communities and countries that host them and inspiring the thousands of young people that follow in their footsteps.

DAFI has grown rapidly since its inception, particularly over the last five years.

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