D128 Community Education offers variety of fall programs

Since 1948, the Community High School District 128 Community Education program has provided lifelong learning opportunities for adults, youth and families. This fall, school may look different in many ways, but the D128 Community Education program is continuing to offer programs both in-person and with live online class formats.

The District 128 Community Education program will continue to put students’ safety first during the COVID-19 pandemic. Community Education students who choose to participate in a class that meets in-person will follow safety procedures established by Community High School District 128 that include a temperature check when entering the building, wearing a mask at all times, hand-washing and social distancing.



Partnerships with local businesses are an important element in the success of the program. The district continues to offer the District 214 Community Education Travel Program, offering group travel to all seven continents along with area day trips. Planning is currently

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