The cruel irony of a female originalist

Amid a White House COVID-19 outbreak that also encompassed members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rushed to reassure supporters that the senate was still on track to confirm President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett, by election day.

a close up of a woman with pink hair: Amy Coney Barrett: The cruel irony of a female originalist

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Amy Coney Barrett: The cruel irony of a female originalist

If Barrett’s nomination goes forward, Democrats cannot let a chaotic news cycle detract from the damage the judge could do to women’s rights.


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To highlight the absurdity of Barrett’s judicial philosophy, senate democrats should ask Barrett one basic question: can a female judge truly be an originalist?

Barrett subscribes to a judicial philosophy known as originalism – in which judges pledge to interpret the constitution as understood by the framers and the public at the time it was written. Barrett also describes herself as a textualist, meaning that she interprets the

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In higher education, the pandemic has been especially cruel to adjunct professors

The coronavirus has thrown the entire higher education industry into uncertainty, but it’s been especially cruel to the thousands of part-time professors undergirding New England’s colleges and universities. The effect has been to widen the gap between the haves and have-nots in higher education: While many tenure-track professors received pandemic-related extensions for their research, many adjuncts simply watched their jobs evaporate. While some professors may teach from home, adjuncts lucky enough to have courses often feel pressure to come to campus — even though their jobs rarely come with health insurance.

“They’re kind of like the Uber drivers,” said Gary Rhoades, who studies higher education at the University of Arizona. “COVID just heightens and surfaces the already existing inequities.”

Despite the stereotypical image of a college professor as a lofty intellectual with a large office and a lifetime appointment, part-time, non-tenure-track professors — adjuncts — have steadily become the majority

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