Podcast episode features a winning entry of creative nonfiction contest

Stories on Stage Davis will release the third episode of its all-podcast eighth season on Saturday, Oct. 17, with one of the winning entries of the “Under the Gum Tree” and Stories on Stage Davis creative nonfiction contest: “Seeping Past Theseus” by Arielle Schussler, read by Andrea J. Love.

In “Seeping Past Theseus,” Schussler alternates between the paradox of The Ship of Theseus and the preparation of her mother’s apple cake. By the end, the comparison of the cake to the ship becomes touchingly clear, raising philosophical questions about change and the ephemeral marks we leave behind.

Schussler is a writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a bachelor’s

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Waterbury Teachers Find Creative Ways to Educate English Learners Virtually

Teachers in Waterbury are trying to be more resourceful and creative when it comes to educating children who do not speak English as a first language.

a group of people sitting at a desk with a computer in an office: English learners in the classroom at Crosby High in Waterbury

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English learners in the classroom at Crosby High in Waterbury

There are more than 2,800 English as a second language learners in the district, according to school officials. Spanish and Albanian are the other dominant languages in the city.

“As an ESL teacher you’re very dramatic, you act things out, you color code, you put things in two different languages sometimes to make sure that students are understanding what you’re saying,” said Pamela Loh, a teacher at Wilby High School.

Students in Waterbury Public Schools are simultaneously learning on the computer in class and at home.

The biggest challenges English learners often face is interpreting the directions, Loh said. So it takes extra effort and one-on-one support to

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Bright ideas! Take a look at some of the ways teachers are getting creative with distance education

We’re all adapting to work from home, but teachers, in particular, have had to figure out unique ways of recreating that classroom experience in front of a camera. Here’s how they’re doing it.

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“They have WiFi issues, I have WiFi issues. There’s just a lot of challenges in the world right now,” says Emily Nix, a professor who teaches finance and business economics at USC. “It’s a conundrum, how do you reach students in the same way online as you do in face to face?”

Emily Nix, professor at USC

Professor Nix was frustrated over the loss of the most basic classroom tool, the blackboard, and wanted to find a way to re-create a similar experience on Zoom.

“I do a lot of board work and so I’m up at the board, writing things, talking

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