Cork hunger strike exhibition ‘to educate youth about Irish freedom’

Events such as a new exhibition and book telling the story of nine men who lasted 94 days on hunger strike during the War of Independence can guide future generations on conflicts, according to Taoiseach Micheál Martin.

Speaking prior to a visit to the new exhibition at Cork Public Museum, Mr Martin said he hoped events from the Decade of Commemoration would provide fresh insights and understanding for young people on how independence was achieved almost 100 years ago.

To coincide with the new the exhibition entitled, “Suffering the Most – the Life and Times of Tomás Mac Curtain and Terence MacSwiney”, Cork City Council has funded a new book on the Cork Hunger Strikers, telling the story of the men who went on hunger strike with MacSwiney in August 1920.

In all, 65 men went on hunger strike with most attention focusing on MacSwiney whose death in Brixton Prison

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