Focus on students who are still out of contact with online learning, DoE tells govt schools, district officials

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The Directorate of Education (DoE) has asked district education officers and principals of all government schools to focus on students who are not attending online classes and are out of touch with their teachers and lessons ever since physical classes were suspended in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to an education department official, who requested anonymity, at least 5.5% of the 15.5 lakh students in government schools are completely out of contact with their teachers and are not attached to virtual learning in any manner.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, schools across Delhi are conducting classes online, and sending links for study materials via WhatsApp and emails and as text messages.

According to the minutes of a DoE coordination committee meeting held on October 1, DoE director Udit Prakash asked all district education officers to focus on students who are not reverting to

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Special education during COVID-19 requires close contact behind plexiglass and masks

Anne Boucher read an illustrated children’s book about an ant to two of her students at Brewer Community School on Friday morning. The students sat across from her, separated from their teacher by plexiglass. All three wore masks, and Boucher also wore a plastic face shield.

As she read the book, Boucher held it up behind the plexiglass so the students could describe the images, and she asked them how they felt about what they were hearing. One student alternately fidgeted with a small, black-and-white cow and large, squishy T-Rex.

“This one is just to get them talking about things that they are working on,” Boucher said of the exercise.

As a radically different school year gets underway, requirements that teachers keep their distance from students, and that students keep their distance from each other, can pose a challenge with special education, which often requires teachers and students to be

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