Globe provides connectivity solutions for online learning at STI Education Services Group, Inc.

Online learning is part of the new normal as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on in the country. With educational institutions transitioning to distance learning as part of the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education’s mandate, STI Education Services Group Inc. partnered with Globe for their Load Up service, which will prove vital in students’ access to learning management systems, websites, and various apps needed for online education. 

Through the partnership, the institution secured Globe’s Load Up service, which gives unlimited prepaid credits to multiple recipients. The Load Up service can only be accessed via a secure web-based platform where recipients of the prepaid load credits or promos from Globe are managed in real-time.

“As internet connectivity becomes of greater importance for education, we have sought plans and solutions to make learning more accessible for students coming from different walks of life. Our partnership with Globe

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As Education Moves Online, Schools Need Connectivity More Than Ever

Andy is CSO for Huawei Technologies USA, overseeing Huawei’s US cyber assurance program.

The gap between those with good internet connections and those without—the digital divide—has been an issue in the U.S. for years. But with the impact of the pandemic on work, school and leisure time, the importance of connectivity has become clear to everyone. Prescient voices have long decried what they called the homework gap, the difficulty many students in lower-income households have in completing homework assignments because they lack a good internet connection at home. This harmful economic disparity cannot be allowed to continue.

The pandemic has required many students to attend school online, highlighting the importance of the homework gap. An analysis released in June by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Common Sense Media provides demonstrable evidence that this is a serious problem.

Even before the pandemic, the data was concerning. As many

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