Oregon Department of Education bans Confederate flags from school grounds

The Confederate flag is the latest emblem to be designated as a hate symbol by Oregon’s state education board this week.

a close up of a flag

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The move is part of a policy crafted by the Oregon Department of Education dubbed “All Students Belong,” which also prohibits nooses and swastikas.

Effective immediately, the policy change requires Oregon school districts to craft standards in compliance with it by New Year’s Day. ODE officials released a statement saying a comprehensive version of the policy will come out in the coming months.

ODE Director Colt Gill said that the decision lives up to state educators’ responsibility to ensure all students feel safe and welcome.

“The noose, Confederate flag and swastika are being used to bully and harm students and staff, and this is particularly true for students of color,” Gill said. “Students must feel like they are safe and belong in

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