Leadership, Security, Communication: The Three COVID Coping Strategies For Education

Schools around the world adapting to the new realities that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Uncertainty is widespread as officials from K-12 through higher education work hard to keep students, educators, and staff safe, while providing the best possible learning environments.

There’s a lot of flux around how and where education will take place this fall and beyond. However,  one constant is that technology will play a central role in any and all eventual scenarios.

We reached out to technology influencers and experts to explore some of the challenges, options, and strategies under consideration for education IT decision-makers. With a focus on decisions around critical infrastructure components like data management, networking and security, we asked:

  • What are some strategies and tactics IT leaders in education should take to cope with this uncertainty?

A Time for Leadership

Our experts offered a diverse menu of ideas, but one theme stands out:

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