Tyson plant that had major COVID-19 outbreak works with clinic to get health care nearby | Local

At least 17,700 meat-processing workers in the U.S. have been infected or exposed to the virus and 115 have died, according to the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

Tyson spokesman Derek Burleson said Tuesday that one-half of 1% of its U.S. workforce, or about 190 out of 38,000, has an active case of the virus. He did not provide the number of active cases, if any, at the Wilkesboro facility.

Marathon said it will collaborate with Wilkesboro community health providers, including primary-care physicians and specialists affiliated with Wilkes Regional Medical Center which is operated by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

The decision to collaborate with Marathon on the health clinics aims “to promote a culture of health in our company that results in a healthier workforce,” Johanna Söderström, Tyson’s chief human-resources officer, said in a statement.

“Some of our front-line team members aren’t using their health-plan benefits, and others

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