Best Books on Climate Change and the Environment

A lot of the US is literally on fire right now. Sometimes, when events like this happen, it’s difficult to bring myself to learn more about them. It’s already depressing, and then the more you learn, it only becomes more so. But on the other hand, I feel as though it’s a worthwhile endeavor — to learn more about our planet and our impacts upon it. We’ve pulled together a list of some of our favorite books on the subject. These are ones that while, somewhat depressing, are ultimately, we think, hopeful. And hopefully there’s something in it for everyone, from well-seasoned environmentalists, to those who can’t stand narrative non-fiction. 

In 1989, Bill McKibben penned a piece in the New Yorker declaring “the end of nature.” Thirty years later, not much has changed. McKibben argues that the survival of the planet is dependent on a philosophical shift in the way

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