New Course from ChildCare Education Institute on Art in Early Learning

Atlanta, GA, Oct. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ChildCare Education Institute® (CCEI), an online child care training provider dedicated exclusively to the early care and education workforce, is proud to introduce CUR126: Art in Early Learning to the online child care training course catalog.

There is a common phrase, “It′s the process, not the product.” This means that children can explore the materials in the art center and simply enjoy what happens. For young children, the process of creating is more important than the product they develop.  Young children are very creative and enjoy using different materials to express their ideas.  As children pound on clay, dab paint on paper, glue things together, or scribble with crayons, they begin to understand their world and how to control the tools they use.  Playing with a basic material like modeling clay holds a child’s interest, lengthening their attention span while allowing

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A major Japanese bank will let employees work 3-day weeks after the pandemic to give them more time for childcare and education

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  • Japanese lender Mizuho Financial Group is planning to let staff work a shorter week after the COVID-19 pandemic, giving them more time for childcare or education, Bloomberg reported. 
  • Workers who work three days a week will keep 60% of their salary, while employees who work four days will retain 80%, a spokeswoman told Bloomberg. 
  • The lender is in talks with labor unions, and the measure could be introduced as soon as December. 
  • The scheme could be open to 45,000 staff.
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A major Japanese bank plans to offer employees three- or four-day working weeks after the COVID-19 pandemic passes, giving staff more time for childcare, nursing, or education, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. 


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Staff at Mizuho Financial Group who work three days a week will receive 60% of their salary, and those who work four days will keep 80%, the

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which childcare philosophy is best for your family?

Up to 90% of brain development occurs in the first five years of life. Early learning matters, and creates a solid foundation for future development.

Philosophical underpinnings in early education matter too. They influence the interactions between teachers and children, the environment design and beliefs about how children learn.

The demographic diversity of Australia means no single early learning philosophy will suit everyone. Parents can find it difficult choosing a service given the plethora on offer.

Below are three of the best known alternative educational philosophies used in early childhood education in Australia.

Steiner (Waldorf)

Steiner education (also known as Waldorf) is based on Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy. It originated in Germany in the early 20th century.

It is focused on self-directed learning, based on children’s interests. Steiner education encourages self-motivated learning that supports and encourages problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and social skills.

When learning is self-directed, children’s motivation

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Upstate YMCA expands childcare to help with eLearning

LAURENS, SC (FOX Carolina) — The YMCA of the Lakelands, which serves Abbeville, Greenwood and Laurens counties, is expanding their child development program to help kids with eLearning.

an office with a desk and chair in a room: Staff set up a makeshift classroom for some of the youngest students at the Laurens YMCA. (Sept. 23, 2020 / FOX Carolina)

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Staff set up a makeshift classroom for some of the youngest students at the Laurens YMCA. (Sept. 23, 2020 / FOX Carolina)

a group of people sitting at a table with a blue chair: The gym at the Laurens YMCA is filled with tables where students can work on eLearning. (Sept. 23, 2020 / FOX Carolina)

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The gym at the Laurens YMCA is filled with tables where students can work on eLearning. (Sept. 23, 2020 / FOX Carolina)

Before the pandemic they had four child development programs, but CEO Brian Harlan said they’ve now added a fifth at the Laurens YMCA.


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They’ve expanded hours and ages for their after school child development program, now allowing students through high school to attend during the day.

At the Laurens branch, Harlan said enrollment can average about 100 students a day.

They’ve converted the gymnasium into a

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