A Charlotte family is using their loved one’s death to educate others about Colon Cancer

Aye Ayodele graduated from the University of North Carolina. The 31-year-old then went on to serve as a Partnership Development manager for the Charlotte Hornets.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — “It’s amazing how people can live a short life and yet make an impact that’s everlasting,” Ayo Ayodele said.

For 31 years, Ade Ayodele strived to be the best person he could be.

“He fought the fight to the end never giving up,” Ayodele said.

Now his family and friends are fighting to look for the silver linings.

Ayodele lost his fight to colon cancer after being diagnosed with the disease at the age of 28.

“His whole attitude towards the battle was grace, knowing that everything was under control by God,” Ayodele said.

Originally born in Lagos, Africa, Ayodele lived in Charlotte after graduating from the University of North Carolina.

“He was highly involved in the community, sports ambassador, worked for

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