Scholarship Helps DC Student Find Challenging Education

WASHINGTON, DC — Alexander Acosta, an eighth grader at St. Albans School in Washington, D.C., was recently named a Caroline D. Bradley scholar by the Institute for Educational Advancement.

Alexander is one of 28 gifted middle school students to receive the four-year scholarship, which will allow them to attend academically challenging high schools.

For Alexander, the scholarship enabled him to attend St. Albans, where his brother Benjamin, who had previously won the same scholarship, was already a student.

“We had Benjamin apply and he got in,” said Joann Acosta, the boys’ mother. “He looked at a few different schools, and then once he got in, we of course wanted Alex to go the same school. So that’s kind of how he wound up in there.”

In addition to being more challenging than the public schools the brothers had previously attended, St. Albans is also much more expensive, about $50,000 a

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Distance learning challenging as Louisiana students try to start school after hurricane

LAKE CHARLES, La. — “We’re just happy to have a place that is somewhat whole and air-conditioned,” said Amanda Day.

Day and her family haven’t been to their home since late August.

“Our home was not anywhere near as damaged as much as others but definitely damaged, and we were offered a place to stay here, because they had a generator,” said Day

They evacuated with most of Lake Charles, Louisiana when Hurricane Laura hit on August 27.

Now, they’re staying at a friend’s house where more than a dozen people at a time have been living, while their home is repaired.

“I’d say upwards, 15 to 18, at different points, but right now there’s like eight or nine of us that are pretty much here all the time,” Day said.

This time of year, her three kids would normally be back at school. Because of Laura, they’re back at

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