American higher education caught in perfect economic storm

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit America’s colleges and universities like a category 5 hurricane. After a very tough spring and summer, campuses are doing their best to open. 

Those that cannot have gone virtual, which has generated demands for refunds of housing, meal plan fees, tuition and other fees. These refunds in combination with COVID-19 related compliance and safety-related expenses and major investments in technology and training to go virtual have just added to the pain. The losses that schools incurred from the spring shutdowns were only partially offset from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act and additional funding from the federal government is questionable.

The refunds and additional expenses are being compounded with the loss of revenue from international students and students taking a gap year.  Future revenue is likely to be impacted due to projected demographics showing domestic college-bound students down or flat

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Kids and teachers have now caught coronavirus in 16 schools, N.J. officials say

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At least five more New Jersey schools have had COVID-19 outbreaks in which students and teachers contracted the virus either on school property or in extracurricular activities, state officials said Thursday.

That brings the total of school outbreaks to 16 since the start of the school year, Gov. Phil Murphy said at his coronavirus briefing in Trenton.

The new outbreaks included two in Salem County involving a total of eight cases, one in Ocean County with three cases and one each in Atlantic and Bergen counties, both involving two cases, according to the data. The names of the schools and school districts were not released.

The 16 outbreaks include a total of 58 cases statewide in which students and teachers tested positive for COVID-19. Considering there are

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