Bright ideas! Take a look at some of the ways teachers are getting creative with distance education

We’re all adapting to work from home, but teachers, in particular, have had to figure out unique ways of recreating that classroom experience in front of a camera. Here’s how they’re doing it.

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“They have WiFi issues, I have WiFi issues. There’s just a lot of challenges in the world right now,” says Emily Nix, a professor who teaches finance and business economics at USC. “It’s a conundrum, how do you reach students in the same way online as you do in face to face?”

Emily Nix, professor at USC

Professor Nix was frustrated over the loss of the most basic classroom tool, the blackboard, and wanted to find a way to re-create a similar experience on Zoom.

“I do a lot of board work and so I’m up at the board, writing things, talking

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