B. Braun Lanka celebrates over 25 years of excellence in the healthcare industry

B. Braun Lanka, a German multinational and one of the world’s largest medical and pharmaceutical device companies, celebrates 25 years of excellence in the Healthcare industry in Sri Lanka on 29th September 2020.

B. Braun Lanka has continued to uphold the standards of the medical industry based on their commitment to better the health of people around the world, translating this same mantra to the care of their own employee health and well-being, continuing to be one of Sri Lanka’s highest-graded employers for career quality and employee satisfaction.

Speaking with Director/ Chief Finance Officer, B. Braun Lanka Pvt Ltd – Pradeep Amarawardena, noted “Through constructive dialogue, B. Braun Lanka has continued to develop high-quality product systems and services that are both evolving and progressive; and as a means to support the free Health Philosophy with high-quality products”

Commenting on the milestone, Samantha Senevirathne, Director/ Head of Aesculap noted “We

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