Lakewood elementary school teachers deliver books to kids during remote learning

First grade teachers Nicole Andregg and Patricia Birch found a way to stay connected to their students.

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — This year, the school year is unprecedented, and different on so many levels for everyone, including teachers.

Two first-grade teachers, from Hayes Elementary School in Lakewood, found a way to bridge the gap and connect with kids, through reading.

When their students started the school year off remotely, Nicole Andregg and Patricia Birch knew many of their students didn’t have what they needed.

“We also knew that a lot of kids don’t have books in their hands all the time. So we thought, ‘why don’t we just start a bookmobile?’ We can deliver books to children and say hi to them. And they’ll get to see our faces and have a little special treat from us,” Patricia said.

“They’re just smiling and beaming and we are, too,” Nicole echoed.


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Best kids motivational books: Quotes, poems and educational guides

From fears about coronavirus to not being able to go to school for months on end, 2020 has been a difficult year for children.

Parents and carers of children aged four to 10 told the Co-SPACE study that they’d seen increases in youngsters’ emotional difficulties during lockdown, including feeling unhappy, worried, and clingy.

Those with children at secondary school reported a reduction in their emotional difficulties but an increase in their feelings of restlessness and difficulties in concentrating.

It probably isn’t surprising that the number of motivational books designed to boost children’s wellbeing and help, motivate and inspire them is growing.

From titles by well-known names like Matthew Syed and Chris Hoy to guides by psychotherapists, teachers and specialists, there’s a wealth of guidance and advice for children – and lots of fun activities too.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most inspiring self-help guides for children published

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All the New Young Adult SFF Books Arriving in October!

Head below for the full list of Young Adult SFF titles heading your way in October!

Keep track of all the new SFF releases here. You can also find horror titles scheduled for 2020 here. All title summaries are taken and/or summarized from copy provided by the publisher. Note: Release dates are subject to change.


WEEK ONE (October 6)

Blazewrath Games—Amparo Ortiz (Page St. Kids)

Lana Torres has always preferred dragons to people. In a few weeks, sixteen countries will compete in the Blazewrath World Cup, a tournament where dragons and their riders fight for glory in a dangerous relay. Lana longs to represent her native Puerto Rico in their first ever World Cup appearance, and when Puerto Rico’s Runner—the only player without a dragon steed—is kicked off the team, she’s given the chance. But when she discovers that a former Blazewrath superstar has teamed up with the

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Best Books on Climate Change and the Environment

A lot of the US is literally on fire right now. Sometimes, when events like this happen, it’s difficult to bring myself to learn more about them. It’s already depressing, and then the more you learn, it only becomes more so. But on the other hand, I feel as though it’s a worthwhile endeavor — to learn more about our planet and our impacts upon it. We’ve pulled together a list of some of our favorite books on the subject. These are ones that while, somewhat depressing, are ultimately, we think, hopeful. And hopefully there’s something in it for everyone, from well-seasoned environmentalists, to those who can’t stand narrative non-fiction. 

In 1989, Bill McKibben penned a piece in the New Yorker declaring “the end of nature.” Thirty years later, not much has changed. McKibben argues that the survival of the planet is dependent on a philosophical shift in the way

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