Bibb Schools special education students start phase-in return process

The district plans to phase in students with significant needs whose parents did not choose the remote learning option back to in-person instruction

MACON, Ga. — Vanessa Mills says she’s too concerned about Bibb County’s COVID-19 risk to send him back to in-person instruction.

I’m not the only parent with this concern. There seems to be several parents who did not enroll their children in online learning and now want to enroll their children in online learning,” she said.

She says her son Dorian takes medication for ADHD and Autism.

“We want them to be around their teachers. We want them to have that social interaction, but not at the risk of I may have to bury them at the end of the month,” Mills said.

Bibb Schools Special Education Director Jennifer Donnelly says they identified about 200 students with significant needs who would benefit the most from face-to-face instruction.

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