Cox’s Bazar Education Sector: COVID 19 Response Strategy, 2020 – Reaching Every Learner – Bangladesh

Needs Overview

On 24th March 2020, the Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner (RRRC) (based in Cox’s Bazar) released a statement defining the essential and critical activities in all 34 camps in Cox’s Bazar for COVID 19. The statement defined education as a non-essential activity. This resulted in severely restricted access for UN and NGO staffs and the closure of learning facilities. This closure means that the education sector closed nearly 6,000 education facilities across the camps for the foreseeable future, disrupting learning of over 325,000 children (of which, 49 per cent are girls and adolescents; aged 3 to- 24 years) and cutting off their access to education. These students are missing vital learning opportunities and have had their social support systems further disrupted. Moreover, without access to learning facilities and in isolation, there is little scope to provide with clear communication messages, psychosocial support to both students and educators and

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