Going Bogue: The Backyard Headbangers Ball rallies Edmonton’s punk community

With large-scale concerts and expansive festivals obliterated by the pandemic, Edmonton’s mobile musical efforts have been spearheaded by individuals in recent months.

John Armstrong’s Front Porch Block Party series and Scott Putnam’s Get Away Gigs have satisfied the thirst for blues, folk, jazz, rap and rock, among many other musical styles and dispositions. And on the punk side, Courtnei Albright of Fluid Entertainment has fanned the flickering flames, teaming with Phil Davies to put together The Backyard Headbangers Ball on Saturday.

It originated as many great ideas do, sitting around a campfire three weeks prior to the event when Gord Rhoades, lead guitarist for Above & Below, mentioned to Albright “I just miss some live music.”

Her response? “Let’s throw a show.”
“You can’t throw a show before snow.”
“I bet you I can.”

And she did just that, beaming as she recalled the conversation and basking in everything around

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