Atlanta Public Schools reopening process | Superintendent speaks

Dr. Lisa Herring spoke to 11Alive’s Jennifer Bellamy on Tuesday.

ATLANTA — When some Atlanta Public Schools students begin returning to in-person classes later this month, one thing district superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring wants parents to keep in mind is that it won’t necessarily be like everything is back to normal.

Parents have until the end of this week to declare whether they want their students (for now, only pre-K through 5th grade and special education students will be considered, but the district is asking all parents to declare their wishes) to return as part of Phase II of the district’s reopening plan.

Some parents have become increasingly vocal about their wish to see their kids return to “normal” school, but what Dr. Herring told 11Alive’s Jennifer Bellamy on Tuesday is that “it’s not the same experience” they’re accustomed to. 

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