UN General Assembly: How Theirworld campaigned for education as The Key to unlock big change – World

From inspiring speakers at a major digital event to a new toolkit for activists, we ensured the message was carried to leaders and decision-makers.

Education is the key to a better future. That was the message Theirworld carried to the 75th United Nations General Assembly this week, against a backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic and economic challenges.

Our campaigning – including a major digital event on Monday, September 21 – emphasised that education is the most important investment underpinning economic recovery, public health, civic participation and engagement in creating a better world.

Justin van Fleet, President of Theirworld and Executive Director of the Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education), said: “What we see in the news every day demonstrates why it’s important to invest more – not less – in education around the world. It has never been more important to build young people’s capacities for the future.

“Yet, as

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