Parents up in arms as learning goes online

AMMAN — An unprecedented number of 51,000 students transferred from private to public schools this year, according to the Education Ministry’s Spokesperson Abul Ghafoor Alquran.

In remarks to Al Mamlaka TV, the spokesperson said the cause behind the transfers lies in families’ difficult financial conditions due to the coronavirus crisis, noting that acceptance of transfer applications will end on September 17 with no extension on the date.

“There will barely be students left in private schools because of their greed, they always want more,” Heba Okdeh commented on Facebook.

Rasha Khaled wrote: “People are misjudging private schools, teachers do their best with students, even online, recording videos, following up on homework and doing as much interaction with students as possible.”

For his part, Anwar Aj commented: “These transfers will cause school principals to deduct from teachers’ salaries now.”

Abeer Nasser wrote: “We need to transfer them all out of private

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