Marxism in higher education – The Arlington Catholic Herald

Some years ago, Lee Edwards, a veteran conservative writer and a
friend of mine, launched an organization, the Victims of Communism Memorial
Foundation, dedicated to “commemorating the more than 100 million victims of
communism around the world and pursuing the freedom of those still living under
totalitarian regimes.”

Today, Victims of Communism is going great guns, with a small but
capable staff and a number of programs and projects designed to make people
aware that Marxist communism not only was but still is a really nasty piece of

It’s a message that needs frequent repeating. Especially now,
when Marxism is alive and well on many college campuses and a disturbing
presence in the movement protesting — with good cause, to be sure — serious
abuses that have festered too long in America.

Lately, in the pages of the “Fellowship of Catholic Scholars
Quarterly” I came across an article that

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