Guest opinion: Amendment G is much more than it appears on paper

Tucked way down at the bottom of this year’s ballot are seven constitutional amendments for which the Legislature wants us all to vote “yes.” They are strategically placed, to get us in the mood for voting “yes” on the very last one — Amendment G. It is deceptively titled “Use Income and Property Tax Revenues to Support Children and Individuals with Disabilities Amendment.” It is a bait-and-switch trick to remove the only constitutional protection for all education funding against legislative raids on school money.

If you, like most Utahns, want more funding for schools, vote “no.” The legislature does not need a constitutional amendment to spend more money on disabled children or adults.

This is legislative revenge for voters daring to defy the December 2019 Tax Reform scheme. Our schools still struggle to recover from the impacts of the Great Recession coupled with income tax cuts enacted right at the

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