Angola: Government Reaffirms Special Attention to Education

Luanda — The Minister of State for Social Affairs, Carolina Cerqueira, Wednesday in Luanda reaffirmed that the Government continues to pay special attention to education, as part of the children teaching and learning process.

According to the Cabinet minister, who was speaking during a video conference with provincial governors on the return to school, despite the constraints caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has deeply shaken social stability and slowed economic development, severely affecting families and society in general, education and teaching continue to be a state priority.

The government member, who praised the collaboration of parents, teachers and social partners in the successful return to school, said that the contribution of all is preponderant to the objectives pursued, taking into account the need to restore confidence in the institutions and to share collective responsibility in concerted action by all those involved.

Carolina Cerqueira mentioned the need for communities to

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