AMZN Stock: Now Is Not the Right Time to Shop for AMZN Shares

Invest in what you know. It’s timeless advice. Still, when it comes to Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and one of the pandemic’s biggest winners, losses for today’s investors appear increasingly likely near-term. Let’s check-in with what’s happening off and on the AMZN stock price chart. That will be followed by a risk-adjusted determination on how to go about shopping for shares without stressing out over your next buy decision.

Amazon (AMZN) logo appearing on phone in miniature shopping cart

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Fidelity fund manager Peter Lynch is a legend on Wall Street. Part of that success and continued reputation decades after leaving the business is due to the simple philosophy to “invest in what you know.” The advice fits in perfectly with shares of Amazon. But while the tech behemoth’s diverse tendrils have become increasingly important to consumers and businesses during the pandemic, buying AMZN stock right now isn’t without its risks.

Break-Up Language

In Tuesday’s session, shares

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