Department of Education Amended Complaint by 19 States and D.C.

A number of states have filed an amended complaint against the Department of Education and Elisabeth DeVos over the handling of the Borrower Defense to Repayment Program gutted by the Trump administration.

The allegations made by a number of states is that the Trump Department of Education has changed the rules about student loan forgiveness when students have been the victims of deceptive acts and fraud.

You have to ask yourself why the Department of Education would seemingly roll back protections for students and give a “free pass” to for-profit schools that provide the least benefit for student-loan debtors.

The recent ruling changes by the Department of Education have altered the full forgiveness policy and leave student loan debtors on the hook for an arbitrary about of debt from institutions the Department of Education was supposed to be overseeing. The schools that are the primary targets of the unhappiness and

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