Referendum 90: Voters to decide on Washington state sexual health education bill | Alexa News

TRI-CITIES, WA – As the election heads our way one bill about comprehensive sexual health education is gaining a lot of attention and making history.

Referendum 90 marks the the first time citizens will vote on sex education mandates. Up until now, the school board made those decisions.

Now let’s break down Referendum 90: According to right now the law says public school districts can choose to provide sexual health education to students and parents have the ability to excuse their child if they choose.

The upcoming vote on the sexual health education bill, referendum 90, would change things by requiring all public schools in Washington state to provide age-appropriate sexual health education. However, parents would still have the choice to excuse their children from those classes.

Here’s the type of sexual health education students will get if the bill passes:

First, the instruction would cover human development and

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