What ails higher education in India?- The New Indian Express

In a seminar on education technology, in a lighter vein I told the audience: “If I say I have leaked out papers of the Class 12 exam, people will be ready to pay me hefty charges. If I say I have the BA Economics final year exam paper from your university, nobody will be willing to pay me even the photocopying charges.” This is the value of graduate education in India. Peter Drucker once said that even for the most successful Fortune 500 companies, the strategies that work for them then will not work in the next decade. Governments pursue with diligence decades-old policies that are not even successful ones. Poorly designed policy that is efficiently implemented does further damage by creating rent-seeking stakeholders. Invariably, they take refuge under arguments that cite the rural poor. 

All-round failure: 

The most successful impact of the liberalised education policy has been the promotion

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