Education Secretary confirms exams WILL go ahead next summer

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Most A-level and GCSE exams in England will be delayed by three weeks next year to allow pupils to catch up on time lost to pandemic closures, Gavin Williamson  confirmed today.

The Education Secretary also outlined plans to streamline some subjects saying it would ‘support teachers and students by freeing up valuable teaching time’.

Most exams will take place between June 7 and July 2, but Mr Williamson also said that one maths and one English GCSE exam will take place before the May half-term, to allow pupils forced to self-isolate during the main exam period a chance to sit a paper in a core subject. 

In a written ministerial statement today, Mr Williamson confirmed that he had rejected calls for the exams next summer to be scrapped or postponed for longer, as had been called for by some teaching unions.

They warned

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Q&A: New Valparaiso Superintendent Jim McCall talks school reopening and looking ahead in education during the pandemic | Valparaiso News

Q: What have you learned through the process of reopening schools?

A: That processing communication is really important. That means communicating with our state and local health officials, communicating with our public, understanding the “why” behind initiatives and being able to explain those “whys,” and that we may not be right, but if we work together, we can get it right. And, we will continue to work together and communicate and evolve our practices to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our students and teachers and staff.

Q: Walk me back to this summer as you were approaching the first day of school. What was it like for your team as you were preparing to bring students back to class?

A: Thankfully we had the foresight to have a team of admin, directors, teachers and even community working on the COVID problem and solution. A lot of the

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Thinking ahead to December, Abilene ISD opts out of City Sidewalks

COVID-19 has claimed another popular event this year.

a couple of people that are flying in the sky: Assistant Director Tyler Jacks directs the Eagle Band during rehearsal Thursday at Abilene High School Sept. 24, 2020.

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Assistant Director Tyler Jacks directs the Eagle Band during rehearsal Thursday at Abilene High School Sept. 24, 2020.

Or, well, a significant portion of one.


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Citing a lack of safety from the threatening disease, Abilene ISD officials have decided not to allow student participation in City Sidewalks and other activities surrounding the evening celebration this December.

It’s a Christmas-time experience that has been joyful to me personally since I arrived in 2014. This year, the entire experience may go dark.

While it’s not affiliated with the other two events that night, City Sidewalks has been a real joy to experience, both as a fan of music and the city’s education reporter.

The city’s Parade of Lights, which I’ve participated in twice with Abilene Community Theatre, and the ceremonial Christmas tree lighting, will be without AISD students.

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The Biden agenda: What could be ahead for higher education | American Enterprise Institute

When it comes to domestic policy, the question is which President Biden would emerge: the affable Obamaphile centrist or the AOC sock puppet? In higher education, it’s something of a difference without a distinction. Biden may have been the most centrist top-tier candidate in the 2020 Democratic field, but his higher-ed agenda is also the most expansive, expensive, and intrusive proposal ever offered by a major party nominee.

While Biden has called for doubling or tripling federal spending on K-12 and for vast new outlays for early childhood education, his most ambitious education offerings are reserved for higher ed. Biden has proposed federally funded “free college,” billions in student loan forgiveness, and gender-related policies that would remake daily life in the nation’s colleges.

Biden’s proposals pale alongside what Sens. Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren called for during the primaries but also make Obama’s approach look positively Reaganesque.

Why is Biden’s

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Minot looking ahead to Center for Technical Education

MINOT, N.D. – Minot is one of the top 10 biggest cities in North Dakota, but it’s one of the only ones on that list that lacks a technical education center. Minot city leaders are working to change that.

a sign on the side of a brick building: Minot looking ahead to Center for Technical Education

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Minot looking ahead to Center for Technical Education

They say they’re looking at 120 Burdick Expressway E as the location for the new facility.


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The organizations involved said they’ve already raised more than $4 million for the project.

“We have a lot of youth that leave the community, get trained elsewhere, get a certificate, get a one year degree, a two year degree, and stay where they got the degree, or move on from there. We see this as a chance to grow our own workforce,” said John MacMartin, Minot Area Development Corporation president.

Minot State University (MSU), the Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB)

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Local school districts cancel in-person, virtual learning ahead of Beta

HOUSTON – A number of Houston-area school districts and colleges are canceling in-person and virtual learning next week due to Tropical Storm Beta.

The forecast projects strong winds, possible flooding and excessive rain along the Texas coast.

Here is the list of local school districts closures:

Angleton ISD

Angleton ISD will cancel on-campus and online learning for Monday.

The district will provide an update about the rest of the week as they monitor the weather.

Bay City ISD

Bay City ISD will close all schools on Monday.

Boling ISD

Boling ISD will cancel in-person and online learning on Monday. Teachers and staff don’t need to report to work unless otherwise instructed by a principal or supervisor, officials said.

The district is concerned about strong winds, potential prolonged power outages and considerable rain.

Brazoria ISD

All schools and facilities in Brazoria ISD will be closed Monday. This includes both at-home and

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