Online learning keeps AETC flexible during coronavirus

Air Education and Training Command is digging in for the long haul of training airmen — and doing so safely — during a coronavirus pandemic that will likely continue for months to come.

In a Monday phone call with reporters, AETC leaders said they’re going to need to stay flexible and quickly adjust as the pandemic ebbs and flows.

Lt. Gen. James Hecker, commander of Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, said classes there can switch from in-person to virtual learning — whether on-site or remotely elsewhere — within a day if there’s a coronavirus outbreak or other emergency.

On the other hand, Hecker said, if conditions quickly improved after a theoretical outbreak at Maxwell, Air University could quickly move back to in-person learning the next day.

Adopting technology and virtual learning is helping Air University prepare for other emergencies, such as hurricanes. In the past, he

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