AERA and NAEd statement in support of anti-racist education

The hallmark of a democratic society is support and encouragement of free speech. With that freedom as foundational–protecting generally welcome and unwelcome speech of the times–we can ever improve our imperfect, but laudable union. So important is this value that, in the United States, free speech is codified in the Constitution as the very First Amendment. A directly related hallmark of the academy is academic freedom, which has been recognized by courts as within the implied interests of the First Amendment.[1] Both notions, free speech and academic freedom, are deeply ingrained in free societies. Even when the ideas that emerge are unpopular, there is no more precious right than free speech. It is through respect for evidence-based discourse on difficult subjects that we advance as a society.

Our associations are proud of our enduring commitment to open, trustworthy inquiry and the hard work we have done in our scholarly field

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