Vets school flooding temporarily relocates special education program to Saugus Middle-High School – News – Saugus Advertiser

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The special education program at Veterans Memorial Elementary School has been temporarily relocated to the new Saugus Middle-High School after the Hurd Avenue building sustained significant flood damage.

Last week, a grouping of Vets School special education students started their hybrid education at the Middle-High School, according to Executive Director of Pupil Personnel Services & Special Education Dawn Trainor.

A pod has been designated on the high school side of the Middle-High School to house the Vets School special education students, Trainor said.

Town Manager Scott Crabtree explained that in August, a faucet was left on when water service was restored following work at the Vets School and the first and second floors of a wing were flooded with hot water.

Crabtree said he dispatched cleaners to the Vets School as soon as the flood damage and mold were discovered.

School Committee

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National Tertiary Education Union concerned university course fee hike could lead to more job cuts at La Trobe University | Bendigo Advertiser

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CHANGES to university course fees will disadvantage students and lead to more higher education redundancies, a regional union president says. The federal parliament last week passed a higher education bill, which was expected to more than double the cost of humanities degrees, and increase the cost of law and commerce courses. Degrees like nursing and engineering were expected to drop in cost under the changes. National Tertiary Education Union La Trobe branch president Virginia Mansell Lees said the increased costs to humanities degrees would disadvantage students who came from regional and low-socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as those who entered university later in life. Read more news: “It really just casts university education down in a way that is unnecessary,” she said. “This plan is really shortsighted. “We don’t want people to feel like they have been left behind because

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It’s not up to Indigenous people to educate everyone else about racism | Bendigo Advertiser

Over the last year, we’ve seen many non-Indigenous people with only the best of intentions, reach out to their Indigenous friends and contacts so they can better understand racial and cultural issues affecting society. While that’s a good sentiment, we think it’s important that non-Indigenous people start to do more to educate themselves to help alleviate racism and cultural insensitivity within Australia. The problem is that for any Indigenous person it becomes exhausting. It becomes a 24-7 job, constantly helping people better comprehend the historical and cultural issues at play. In our training and our book, we use the 1/30 rule to help illustrate the point. If the Australian population was a classroom of 30 children, only one of those would be Indigenous. In that situation, it would be up to the 29 children out of 30 to learn more and do more – not for that one person to

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