Online Education And Students With ADHD, Autism, Clinical Anxiety

India is currently dealing with an almost apocalyptic reality, with the ongoing pandemic, a crushing economy, and a crumbling democracy. In the past seven months, India has gone from lockdowns and migrant crisis, to unjust student arrests and irrational debates over a celebrity’s death. One can track the rapid changes in India’s socio-political climate by just glancing at all the major headlines in these past months. However, despite this continuous upheaval, a very crucial system of our society has remained ignored—our education system.

After continuous resistance from students and parents alike, schools and colleges did not open up for the new session. Instead, they switched to digital education. While India has been hopping onto the digital learning train for the past few years now, it is still far from mastering the medium. In trying times like these, it would seem a bit entitled to criticize this arrangement, however considering its

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