Is it still acceptable to fly on holiday in view of climate change? – Sonnenseite

Yes and no, according to moral philosophy. Individual measures alone can’t stop climate change. We are therefore obliged to intervene as a collective.

Apart from a few obstinate deniers, everyone has pretty much grasped by now that climate change is caused by humans. Since 1992, global warming and its effects have been discussed at international level, and despite many efforts, it has not yet been possible to stop its progress. It is alarming. “Climate change is the greatest challenge mankind has ever faced, and there is no way to avert the threat at the last minute, as is the case with diplomatic crises, for example,” points out Dr. Anna Luisa Lippold.

In her dissertation in Applied Ethics under Professor Klaus Steigleder, she tackled a question that is of great concern to many: What individual moral obligations do we have in view of climate change? In other words: Are we still

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