Weigh the parties on three issues: abortion, police, education

The media is biased in both directions. Make a list of three policies that interest you. Put them in order of importance according to our Constitution, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For example: abortions, education and police. Figure out what Democrats and Republicans say they want to do.

Abortion: Killing an infant in the womb. Planned Parenthood Annual report for 2019 is 345,672 abortions.

Democrats: funding to increase the number of abortions; abortions legal up to date of birth; continue to receive taxpayer funds.

Republicans: limit the number of abortions; no abortions after the eighth month of pregnancy; no taxpayer funds.

Education: States are required to educate children in their state. Curriculum and cost is determined by state education boards. All taxpayers pay for the education of children in state schools, both public and charter schools.

Republicans: Vouchers for parents, good at all schools, public or private; all

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