Survey shows liberals, conservatives worried about sharing opinions at UNL | Education

To provide context to the scores, the College Free Speech Rankings include anonymous anecdotes from students about times they felt they could voice their opinions on campus.

The responses include a wide array of situations and opinions on campus.

“A professor strongly implied that everyone who votes for Trump is a racist,” wrote one student. “I felt that I could not say anything to challenge that idea because I would get smeared as a racist for doing so.”

“I think our students are relatively conservative, so I am nervous to criticize Donald Trump, especially in front of the ‘country’ boys,” another wrote.

The results of the College Free Speech Rankings provide some contrast with a climate survey done by the university two years ago after UNL was embroiled in a campus free speech incident.

A survey of students, employees and alumni from across the NU system conducted by Gallup found about 90% of students who identified as liberal had no problem expressing their political views on campus, while only 75% of students who identified as conservative felt the same way.

Roughly half of students said they were comfortable telling other students about their political beliefs, and 44% said they would share their views with faculty.

The same survey found 35% of students said they were prevented from saying what they believe out of fear that others might be offended.

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