Support teachers on social media with your #TeachersCan stories

TEXAS, USA — World Teachers’ Day is Monday, Oct. 5, and we’re encouraging all Texans to help highlight the teachers who have made a difference in their life and the lives of their family members.

You can share a video or post on social media using the hashtag #TeachersCan and #ThankATeacher to make sure everyone knows about that special person who guided you or a loved one in their education.

We are partnering this year with #TeachersCan, a statewide movement supported by more than 125 partnering businesses and organizations committed to elevating the teaching profession and honoring the critical role teachers play in the success of Texas.

Particularly in such a challenging year for all Texans amid the pandemic, teachers deserve the support of all Texans as they work to bring a quality education and life experience to all students. Please join us in supporting them by using #TeachersCan this week.

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