Sitarist Chandrashekar Phanse featured in 142nd episode of ‘Baaton Baaton Mein’

Renowned sitarist Chandrashekar Phanse featured in the 142nd episode of Baaton Baaton Mein. The talk show was featured on the Instagram live page.

A talk series ‘Baaton Baaton Mein’ is being held every day on Instagram. Hosted by renowned art critic Sunil Mishr, the series is being held for the art lovers.

Phanse’s skill is a melodious implement for the indefinite mines of the sitar strings.

Chandrashekhar Phanse shared about his education. He achieved his educational qualifications with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Economics. His Bachelor of Music from Bhatkhande Vidyapeeth Lucknow earned him title Vadya Visharad. His quest further led to a Masters in Sitar from Indira Kala Sangeet Vishvavidyalaya (IKSV) in merit from Kairagarh. This pursuit reflects in his music, which has the precision of numbers and the depth of emotion.

His earlier tutelage was under Pandit Kartik Kumar and V.R. Athavale Dinkar Kaikini. He has been fortunate to have further honed his skills under the expert guidance of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan saheb. Phanse is a noted sitarist whose forte is authentic sitar playing in the Hindustani classical tradition. His career spans 25 years of rendering recitals, coaching in both the sitar and vocal singing and conducting lecture-demonstrations, explaining the nuances of Indian classical music and the sitar. Chandrashekhar’s ‘Singing Sitar’ a melodious musical bouquet of evergreen Hindi film songs rendered on the sitar is truly enjoyable by all.

Chandrashekhar has performed in several prestigious venues like NCPA, Y.B. Chavan Auditorium, Homi Bhabha Auditorium at TIFR and also at the Vallabh Sangeet Vidyalay and Deodhar School of Indian Music.

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