‘Shocking number’ of Mineral Wells ISD students failing online learning, district says

“Several have never logged in or communicated at all in six weeks,” the district said in a letter to parents.


Mineral Wells ISD has announced that students who are failing multiple courses or are unengaged will be required to return to in-person learning on Oct. 19. The district says “many remote learning students have not been successful at all.”

The district hopes that students will be given this time to make better decisions and begin participating appropriately, a letter from the district to parents said.

“Several have never logged in or communicated at all in six weeks,” the letter said. “These students are falling desperately behind and if we do not act quickly, they may never recover.”

The district will contact parents/guardians at the end of the upcoming three-week period if their child has been unsuccessful with remote learning.

The district encourages parents to bring students back sooner if it is clear their student is not succeeding.

Remote learners who have been successful will be allowed to continue to learn from home.

The district says it understands that student health remains a concern for many parents.

“We will continue to follow proper health protocols to provide a safe learning space for face-to-face students,” the letter said.

Parents with children who are failing but do not want them to return to campus may choose to withdraw to homeschool, withdraw and enroll in a charter or private school with virtual learning or request a transfer to another district that offers virtual learning.

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