QF: Results in More Diversity and Access To Higher Education for Young Innovators From Africa

Qatar Foundation (QF) partner Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) and Education Above All Foundation (EAA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with African Leadership Academy (ALA) in Johannesburg, South Africa, to further a shared mission of human development through the education of the next generation of young African leaders.

The MoU was signed by Dr. Ahmad Dallal, Dean of GU-Q, Mr. Fahad Al-Sulaiti, Chief Executive Officer at EAA, and Hatim Eltayeb, Dean of ALA.

The MoU provides scholarships to qualified ALA students and recent graduates through the EAA/GU-Q Scholars Program. The agreement also provides the successful candidates a program of scholarship assistance, and opportunities for civic engagement as part of EAA’s inspirational Civic Engagement Program. Through the program, ALA students will design and implement initiatives in Qatar, broadening their interaction with the community and enriching their cultural and social experiences during their time in Qatar.

Eligible students will be nominated by the ALA, undergo the standard admissions review by the GU-Q Office of Admissions, and be confirmed by GU-Q and EAA. Consideration for the program is open to current ALA students and alumni who have graduated from ALA within 2 years of their application to GU-Q. 

Dr. Ahmad Dallal said: “As an institution of higher learning, GU-Q is committed to implementing policies and practices that foster resource equity, and which consider the protection of the educational futures of Black students and students of color as a critical path to ending racial injustice. Outstanding graduates from the two-year pre-college ALA program will be welcomed to our campus as part of a diverse cohort of students being educated as leaders in the pressing issues facing society today, including social justice, inequality, conflict resolution, and human development.”

Fatima Alkhater, Education Above All, said: “This collaboration with GU-Q and ALA allows EAA to fulfill its mission to make high-quality education accessible to vulnerable and marginalized people in developing countries. It is only through investments in education that we can unlock the true potential of young people, allowing them to create real change in their communities, and around the world.”

Dean Hatim Eltayeb said: “We look forward to working with GU-Q and Education Above All Foundation, leading institutions in the field of higher education, to help us provide critical transformational experiences that lay the necessary groundwork for social change. This program will expand our growing network of entrepreneurial leaders and scholars committed to addressing Africa’s greatest challenges, achieving extraordinary social impact, and accelerating the continent’s growth trajectory.”

ALA’s highly selective Two Year Pre-University Diploma Program is geared at young leaders aged 16-19 from across Africa who have the potential to catalyze positive change on the continent. During their time at ALA, students complete a unique curriculum that includes courses in Entrepreneurial Leadership, African Studies, Writing & Rhetoric, and Cambridge A-Levels. In its first 12 years, the residential high school has admitted over 1,000 students from over 45 African countries to date.

Located in Education City, GU-Q offers an internationally recognized Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service degree in four majors: International Economics, International Politics,International History, and Culture and Politics, as well as six minors and three concentrations of study. This unique, interdisciplinary program prepares students to lead by helping them develop critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills within an international context.

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